Have you ever looked down at your wrist and wondered how your watch works?

Among the many parts that form a watch movement, two in particular fascinate us.

The mainspring is a long, coiled spring that unwinds to create the movement that will power the watch. Energy is released with infinite precision, relentlessly and consistently second after second until the spring is fully unwound and tightened again.

The bridge is the crucial part, which fixed to the main plate forms the frame of the watch movement, holding all its components together. Without the bridge there is no movement, merely a series of unconnected components lying on a metal plate.

We decided to put these two parts at the core of our ethos. 

At Spring Bridge Partners, we approach each investment opportunity with the same dedication and precision required to construct the movement of a watch, applying our structuring skills and resources to each investment opportunity, relentlessly. We then wind up the mechanism and are ready to do it again, with the same energy, time and again.

We also know that it takes many parts to make a successful investment. Quality assets, a capable management team, a common set of objectives, and an ability to bridge all these components. We are committed to being this bridge, the joining force between existing stakeholders, managers of illiquid assets, and providing a path to each party to move forward in their objectives.

That is Spring Bridge Partners.